DoobieClips™ Smokin' Accesories

Why DoobieClips?

DoobClips™ Smokin' Accessories

  • ultimate roach clip and smokin' accessory

  • sleek industrial design

  • add-on accessories

  • complimentary to medical and/or recreational

  • multiplier for existing sales

  • momento of 5280+

  • personal statement

  • store customization option

  • wholesale only

  • designed and manufactured in Castle Rock, Colorado

All DoobieClips™ products advertised or sold are expressly intended for ornamental purposes, collector purposes or for use with legal smoking products or other lawful purposes only. No other use for these items is in any way intended by you or DoobieClips™.

This is a wholesale only site.  Only registered wholesale customers can purchase from DoobieClips.com. 
To become a registered wholesale customer click here.

Retail customers should visit their local dispensary, head shop or smoke shop and ask for DoobieClips by name. 

About Us

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PO Box 1467
Castle Rock, CO 80104, US
Phone: 888.447.9662